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Mission & Goals

Provide a challenging, college preparatory educational experience where our students obtain and demonstrate the measurable content knowledge, skills and motivation needed to be personally and professionally successful citizens.
Vista collaborates with all stakeholders in our community to create and maintain a safe and caring environment that fosters the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of all students and adults. We prioritize a CA standards-based curriculum emphasized through writing across the curriculum. Within this context, students will develop key 21st Century Skills through learning experiences that focus on meeting the challenges of daily life and the future.
2017-18 Goals
Goal 1
Demonstrate complex thinking within teacher questioning, student writing and class discussions in two-thirds (2/3) of classrooms using Hess's Cognitive Rigor Matrix levels three (3) and four (4). Vista teachers will continue to implement Fisher & Frey Gradual Release pedagogy to guide students to collaborate actively on tasks. Goal will be measured through instructional rounds, Vista Reflection Tool, and student work.
Goal 2
All staff will be encouraged and supported to build capacity by applying content from professional development to their instruction, student, and peer interactions. All lessons will support goal one (1). Measurement will be through professional development reflections, peer/ILT (Instructional Leadership Team) instructional rounds.
Goal 3
Maintain a school-wide positive behavior climate that is evaluated and supported through monthly SWPBS (school wide positive behavior support) meetings of all stakeholders. Continue a positive school-wide behavior plan to increase the number of eligible students at school activities. Effectiveness will be measured through monthly review of data at SWPBS meetings, counselor reports, School Report Card Survey and faculty observations.